L’Antico brewery is located at a 15th century castle – Montecuccoli degli Erri, which was built in 1490. The castle is one of the first historical residencies in the area of Modena.
Producing one of the world’s best espressos here made it a very special place. Here the producers offer their experience through a unique flavor of the espresso. The castle is a place where the atmosphere is combined with art, an aroma with history, while the hospitality of the people here will sooth you together with a warm ambient.
At the brewery employees are guided by an idea that working with coffee is an art and that the tasting is an experience. The story begins back in 1909 with its founder Ambrogio Cagliari who first opened a brewery in France. His son Francesco continued the tradition of coffee making and moved the business to Italy. His son Dante perfected the craft of the coffee brewing who is today considered to be one of the best espresso experts in Italy. Thanks to his immense experience, he is familiar and respected by many coffee experts around the world. He continues to create new special blends, depending on the demand of the market.
Today the Caffè L'Antico brewery is led by Dante and his sons, Gabriel and Francesco who have more than 15 years of experience in this sector. Years of practice guarantee rich selection of complete and selected seeds, best coffee blends which keep its original characteristics from the moment they are produced to the moment of final consummation – whether at home or at a coffee shop.

Thanks to many years of experience we have reached a leading position on the Montenegrin market when it comes to tea and coffee